Why do I need an eBook Formatting Service?

There is all the difference in the world between a title converted automatically by software, and a carefully designed eBook. Complex layouts, especially those with multiple images, require careful planning, with precise sizing and positioning to be most effective - in other words a human eye!

There are two main eBook formats, ePub and Kindle, the latter is the proprietary format for Amazon, and ebooks must be in this format to be sold through their portal, which represents 70% of the eBook market. Careful consideration must be given when formatting for Amazon, as there are a whole range of different Kindle devices and apps, which are radically different. Thus it is important to test the MOBI/Kindle file across the whole range.

eBook conversion

How Do You Format an eBook?

An eBook of sorts can be generated just by clicking File/export in programmes such as InDesign. Rather than the end, this is where the process begins. An eBook typically consists of a number of html files, controlled by a CSS stylesheet. Each type of paragraph needs to have it's own style so that its appearance can be set in the CSS. In general this is not a highly technical process, and there are many online eBook formatting tutorials, but it takes time to do this with care. This is why many authors and publishers prefer to spend their time on the creative process, and use specialists for the design and formatting of eBooks. Please visit the pages at the links above to see the services offered by Bluewave Publishing.