Facing Reality

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to becoming a published author is to think that it is easy. There is already a huge glut of self-published material, much of which never sees the light of day. The fact that a title may be available on Amazon does not of course mean that anyone is downloading it. With large sums spent by publishers on promotion of their major titles, it is hard for a independent authors to get noticed. The main requirement for success must be the quality of the content and writing. Having something original, entertaining or informative to say, is the only way to get noticed in a world in which there seems to be surplus of would-be writers.

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What Authors Say

Successful authors are often very ready to share their experience, and their advice can be summarised as follows:
Writing is a skill to be acquired, and rather than starting off by embarking on a novel, it is recommended to start with short stories or articles. It is a good idea to join a writers' club to receive honest feedback, and above all to get edited. A process of self-editing is an integral part of the writing process. This includes removing unnecessary words that are not adding to the meaning, and refraining from over complex phrases, where simple ones will do. Before submitting the manuscript, it is highly recommended to find a professional editor, follow their advice and not be over sensitive to their criticism!

How to be Published

Many publishers do not even look at unsolicited material, and so consider finding an agent to connect you with a suitable publisher. When presenting the manuscript, include a synopsis, which in as few words as possible, gives a true taste and overview of the book. Once Publishers have short-listed prospective titles, they will often make a decision by reading the first two paragraphs. If these require a large degree of re-working or editing, they know the cost to make the title ready for publication will be too great to be profitable.

The Self-Publishing Alternative

If you have written a work of quality, but not managed to interest an established publisher sufficiently, you must turn to the alternative of self-publishing, as a way to build up readership and attract the interest of the book trade. This is where we can offer assistance. An enormous range of titles are offered to us by authors and independent publishers. Much of this material is of high quality and of true interest to at least a niche market. Bluewave Publishing exists to assist such authors find the outlet for their creativity they seek. This process will typically start with a professionally formatted ebook, which is uploaded to all the major online retailers and given the promotion it deserves. Please visit the links above to find out more.