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Fees for eBook Formatting

eBook Formatting Conversion Prices

Prices of Re-flowable eBooks

For a quotation, please upload your file via the contact page. Our guideline price is £150 to convert your document into eBook formats suitable for all major devices and outlets. The price you pay, however, will depend upon the length and complexity of the work. 

This price includes corrections to the first draft, where errors have been introduced through the formatting process. Editorial changes, which were not included within the document as originally supplied, will be charged at our standard rate of £20 per hour.

Prices of Fixed Layout eBooks

At one time, fixed layout eBooks had to be produced entirely manually, with precise measurements keyed in for the position of each element on the page. With new software, fixed layout eBooks for Kindle can now be produced from PDFs for as little as 50p per page (with a minimum charge of £40). A dropdown table of contents is provided as standard.  

Fixed layout ePubs for Apple and Kobo can be produced by exporting from Adobe Indesign, followed by necessary manual  adjustments, for a price of £20 per hour.