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An Introduction to the Different Types of eBook

There are two main types of eBook: the standard re-flowable, and the fixed layout eBook. The latter is suitable for documents where the layout of the page is of primary importance, and typically consist mainly of images. Typical examples are photography books and publications for children.

The standard reflowable option is recommended for the overwhelming majority of documents, which  consist of more text than images (see below).

Please click through the links below for an explanation of the stages and process of eBook production. 

Two Main Types of eBook Formatting

The Reflowable or Standard Format 

Ideal for documents consisting of more text than images. The size of the text can be adjusted for ease of reading on a range of screen sizes. The entire contents of texts and images will flow from page to page.  The linked table of contents will take the reader easily to the chosen section of the document.

Fixed Layout eBooks

When  layout really matters, this could be the best option. With this kind of eBook, the text size and layout are fixed. Images can be placed in any position on the page. Most suitable for reading on tablets, benefitting from the pinch and zoom magnification. Fixed layout eBooks for Kindle can now be produced from PDF for as little as 50p per page.