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Supplying Your File

What we need from you

Bluewave Publishing

We can accept your document in Microsoft Word, InDesign, Quark Express, or PDF. In all cases, a PDF is very also useful as a formatting guide. Please supply the file(s) packaged with all the images you want to include, along with fonts you wish to be embedded. You can send the files, depending on their size, as an email attachment, via “MailBigFile or WeTransfer, or by sharing a dropbox folder with If you have only a hard copy of the book, we suggest you send it to a company called Spectra Titles to be scanned . They will return a digital copy, which will have been converted with very accurate optical character recognition. OCR however, can never be 100% accurate, and the resultant file will need to be proof-read. If you wish, we can also offer this service for a reasonable rate.


Please check that any font you wish to be used is license-free for inclusion within an eBook file. A good place to start looking is Google Fonts, where a whole range of totally free fonts are available. Where possible, fonts are requested to have the OTF extension. Please note: that while on many readers such as iPads, all embedded fonts are displayed by default, this is not the case with Kindles, where it is necessary for the reader to select ‘Use Publisher’s Font’ on their Kindle device. For this reason, unless there is a reason to use a specific font, it is often preferable to specify the use of standard or default serif or sans-serif fonts, without the need to embed them.

Bluewave Publishing


The size of images need to be set within the code, specified as a percentage of the screen width. For the eBook to look as attractive as possible, the size of each image often has to be set individually. Captions need also to be linked with their images, so they are not split on different pages. For this reason, an additional charge will be incurred for eBooks containing a large number of images. This will be specified in the quote.

Linking Index and Footnotes

We will link references in the text to footnotes, with a return link back to the text. Indexes can be linked, at a small additional charge. In a fixed layout eBook, the link will take you to the correct page, in a reflowable eBook, the link will take you to the text which was at the top of the page in the original book, so that it is necessary to scroll down to find the reference.